Onboarding Carriers Just Got Easier with AscendTMS and Avagree

Every time you ship a load, you assume the risk of liability if the carrier doesn't do their job. Add Avagree's Carrier Verification to your AscendTMS account and get the tools you need to ensure you are only working with compliant, trustworthy carriers.

For only $19.99 per month, you can protect yourself from unforeseen damages starting today.

All the Carrier Data You Need Right Inside AscendTMS

Carrier Information Change Notifications
Fraud Protection
Historical Information
•  Insurance history
•  Authority status
•  Out of Service events
•  Inspection data
DOT Warnings
Verification Certificates to Prove Due Diligence
Only One Account Needed Per Company

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Carrier Notifications

Automatically Monitor Carrier Information

Flag the carriers you use to monitor over 200 different attributes, including changes in authority, insurance, inspection data and more. You receive notifications for any changes to the carriers you watch. Protect your interests by ensuring you work with carriers who remain compliant.

Fraud Check

Check for Chameleon Carriers

Fraud check shows you carriers that have the same address, legal name, or phone number, allowing you to dig deeper to make sure the carrier you choose is well qualified.


See Warnings Instantly

View a summary of DOT warnings on any carrier, including inactive Authorities or Out of Service notifications.

Prove You’ve Verified a Carrier

Each time you book a load you can print or save a Verification Certificate to prove you’ve done your due diligence in vetting the carrier’s information.

Verification Certificate


Get Insurance Information

Ensure the carriers you use have adequate insurance policies and history.

Historic Information

View Historic Information

Spot problems and inconsistencies with carriers based on their FMCSA history, including authority revocation, insurance lapses, and even Out of Service reports.


Integrated into AscendTMS

You'll no longer have to leave AscendTMS to view critical information at DOT's various websites. All the information you need is right in front of you in your Ascend account.

Shared User Accounts

Shared User Accounts

One login can be used by anyone in your company. No extra fees for additional logins. After creating your company account, have all your users sign in with the same information at AscendTMS.

Avagree Carrier Verification

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