How Avagree Carrier Verification Works Inside AscendTMS

Everytime you on-board or book a load with a carrier, Carrier Verification helps mitigate your risk. It's only $19.99/mo for all your AscendTMS users.

First Things First

In order to take advantage of Carrier Verification, be sure to:

See How Carrier Verification Works

Step 1
Add Your Carrier

Using Universal Search or Add New Carrier, you can type in the carrier's DOT or Docket Number (MC, MX, FF). When you see the Carrier Verification label, it means it's eligible for monitoring and verification.

Universal Search

Select the carrier you want to add, and you’ll instantly get valuable feedback about DOT & FMCSA information such as Authority, Operating Status, Inspections, and Insurance.

Universal Search Preview

Step 2
Input Carrier Information

After you’ve added the carrier to your AscendTMS Carrier List, you’ll be redirected to the carrier’s profile. Avagree Carrier Verification will automatically fill in key pieces of carrier data, and you can add the other information you need. Click the Carrier Verification link to see the carrier’s full DOT & FMCSA details.

Don't forget to save your changes.


Step 3
Verify Carrier Information

Carrier Verification makes it easy to ensure you are using qualified carriers. You can quickly see Authority, Operating status, Out of Service status, Safety Rating, Insurance information, Inspection data, as well as get a view of the states the carrier has traveled.

At a Glance

Step 4
Watch List Notifications

Once you’ve added a carrier to your AscendTMS Carrier List, Avagree monitors their DOT or FMCSA information and notifies you by email of any changes in the last 24 hours. You will know immediately if any of your carriers have changes that put you at risk. Avagree’s Watch List gives you the power to make the right decisions when booking a load.

Watch List Notifcations

Step 1
Select Your Carrier

Search for the carrier you want to use in your Carrier List. You can quickly see if the carrier has had any changes in the Notifications area on the right. Double-click the carrier to see specific details.

Carrier List

Step 2

Click the Warnings button to see critical carrier compliance information. Some warnings may not make a carrier ineligible for use, but they can be an important indicator of carrier’s health. Examples of warnings include:

  • Authority has been granted for less than one year
  • Common, Contract or Broker Authority is INACTIVE
  • Operating Status is OUT-OF-SERVICE or NOT AUTHORIZED
  • FMCSA VMT is outdated *

* The DOT requires a carrier's VMT to be updated every two years, but will display this message if the form hasn't been filed within the last year. This is significant because if the carrier has failed to update this form, they may have other regulatory and required documentation/paperwork missing as well.

Carrier Warnings

Step 3
Verify Carrier Details

Before hiring a carrier, it’s important to verify they have the proper Authority, Insurance, and Operating status to haul the shipment. The carrier profile shows you all the information you need to make the safest decision for your load.

Carrier Details

Step 4

Click View Notifications to see historic changes to the carrier’s profile. This gives you insight to the carrier’s compliance over time, which can be valuable in deciding if a carrier is safe to use. Changes in the last 24 hours are flagged as well.

Carrier Notifications

Step 5
Inspections & Lanes Traveled

Carrier inspections are updated monthly by the DOT, and you can view this information alongside the carrier’s other DOT and FMCSA details. Knowing the carrier’s traveled location helps you know how best to utilize the carrier’s services, and where they have successfully operated in the past.

Inspections & Lanes Traveled

Step 6
Verification Certificate

Now that you’ve verified the carrier is a good fit for your load, download a Verification Certificate and store it with the Carrier Profile in AscendTMS. A Verification Certificate proves that you’ve done your due diligence in ensuring the carrier you use is compliant and safe.

Carrier Verfication Certificate

Now You Can Safely Book Your Load

You’ve checked the details and confirmed this carrier will not put you at risk. Avagree’s Carrier Verification gives you all the information you need, right in one place. It takes minutes to ensure your peace of mind.

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